Phil Bourne

Phil Bourne is a digital communications professional with over 10 years experience in digital strategy and production.

Phil has a broad range of expertise and has planned and produced digital projects throughout the media, education and not for profit sectors. He is an experienced and trusted professional with a passion for creating dynamic video, audio and social content that helps drive the communications objectives of each organisation.

Phil injects strategic thinking into every digital project. His extensive background in production also makes him an asset in driving implementation of ideas, all the way from concept to delivery.

Web video production including planning, shooting and editing
Digital content strategy for web, social, video and audio
Social media channel management and activation
Digital training sessions and workshops


Celebrities. Uni-life. Astrophysics. Travel.
Phil’s been involved in projects that create content for almost any topic.

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Nikki BradleyDigital Content Consultant
“Phil is one of the most talented Content Producers I have worked with. He has an in depth understanding of online audiences and how to deliver content through appropriate channels.”
Sarah TerkesMarketing Professional
“His positivity and fun personality are so infectious he can boost the morale of an entire team. He knows exactly what needs to be done and he doesn’t stop until it’s done.”
Sarah LightfootGeneral Manager
“Over the two and a half years that Phil worked with the Business School his contribution both on the multimedia and the team-building fronts was invaluable.”


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