Phil Bourne Digital is a media production company that works with businesses and governments to create high impact video, podcasts and visual content.

Our main operations are in Adelaide, and we service clients and work on projects all across Australia.



Create a video or podcast project, or engage us for any part of the overall process.

Ideation and

Get help to dream and plan your video or podcast project for the desired target audience.

Recording and Capture

Professional content recording in the studio or the field with our UHD cameras, drones and portable podcast kit.

Editing and Post-production

Review, editing and post-production of your recorded or existing video and audio.


 Get the right file formats and captions for your content to optimise accessibility.


Celebrities. Uni-life. Astrophysics. Travel. Construction.
Phil has produced content for almost any topic.

Phil Bourne

Founding Director

Phil is a seasoned digital consultant and videographer, with over 15 years of experience collaborating with both businesses and government to craft impactful video and podcast content.

His niche lies in the creation of strategic digital content to engage audiences through long-form and short-form documentaries, interviews, testimonials, campaigns, event showcases, and podcasts.

Phil pioneered and led the production of an award-winning video series at one of Australia’s largest Universities, and has established the digital media presence of many start-up and growing organisations spanning the media, education, energy, travel, and construction sectors.

Read more about Phil’s qualifications and experience on LinkedIn.


Phil Bourne Digital
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