After a big overseas trip it’s sometimes easy to get caught back in a robotic routine. In 2016 I set myself the goal of seeing some of the finer spots in Australia to break up blocks of time in the office. The result was seeing some ripper spots with my favourite people across New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland.

Trip 1: Boat life in Katarapko.  ? ?

Three Bourne generations took on the River Murray in Katarapko National Park in December. Included a bit of paddling, lunch and a few mild rapids. A memorable 2016 trip!

Trip 2: The Clare Valley’s golden view.? ??

Got a special view in the Clare Valley from my Auntie and Uncle’s caravan in the top paddock. Scenes like this are all over South Australia.

Trip 3: Crazy clifftop weekend.?

Took off for the the weekend in October to the Royal National Park in New South Wales. Nice view of the coastline and the Northern Era campsite was a lovely little spot.

Trip 4: True Blue Trekking.?? ?

Nice view from Govett’s Leap in the Blue Mountains in April. One of the great hiking spots in NSW with the best company.

Trip 5: Tropical North Queensland.? ??

Waterfall hikes, special sunrises and deep blue beaches. Special time shared with my sister in Queensland.

Day Trip 1: Coastal explorers.?? ?

Appreciated the sundown with the company of Luce and Benny at Pt Elliot in December. We talked lots. It was magnificent.

Day Trip 2: Pink lake.? ?

A five minute drive from Yorketown, my birthplace in South Australia. Loved the view of the salt lakes in this sentimental spot.

Day Trip 3: Beach lookout.? ??

Picked the perfect day to check out Palm Beach in February. Just walk up to the lighthouse for this epic view back down the beach. A scene to remember from 2016.

Feel lucky to have gone on these trips throughout 2016. It’s cool to see amazing places with your favourite people in the country you call home.

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