I decided to go to Cabo Polonio when meeting new friends in Montevideo. It’s a coastal ‘off-grid’ society (mostly) with no cars, no electricity and no sealed roads in. The trip was agreed over a random conversation at a BBQ, and the next day we started our big journey along the Uruguayan coastline.


Upon first entry into Cabo Polonio you notice the limited infrastructure. Although despite the tiny population of 95 – someone had the smarts to build a bar. ?

Retro dune ? ?

While walking to our digs for the first time we spotted an object perched on a little sand mound. Not much use without power but this retro item certainly looked cool.

? ?? Uruguay Sky.

After settling into our room for the night this view rewarded us for a rugged day’s travel. This little town’s lack of light or smog pollution makes it a perfect environment for a sky show. ?

?? ☀️ Buenos días.

Got up super early on the second day to see the morning unfold. Cabo Polonio’s relaxed vibe plus the lighthouse backdrop provided the perfect setting for reflection.

? ?Sunset silhouettes.

Cabo Polonio really delivered on that evening. Drinks and sunsets with Jules and Charlie. Magnificent.

?? ☀️ One last look.

The final morning at Cabo Polonio. Great friends and great memories were made on my trip to the coast of Uruguay. ?

Digital stuff:
GoPro Hero 4 Silver
Sony RX 100mi

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