Project Description

ASB Pulse

Students applying for Undergraduate courses have a big decision to make in choosing the right University for their studies. Through research, the UNSW Business School (formerly the Australian School of Business) found that future students wanted a greater insight into the everyday experience of a UNSW Business School student to assist with their decision.

Part of the solution was the creation of ASB Pulse, a regular student hosted online video that reports on the best student experiences in an authentic and accessible way. Phil conceptualised, filmed, edited and produced the first 68 episodes, and the series is now a major part of the marketing strategy in promoting student experience at UNSW Business School.

The videos have now been viewed more than 200,000 times across YouTube and Facebook, and the series has been recognised by internal and external stakeholders as a powerful marketing tool for the organisation.

Collaborators: Video graphics, Michelle Devine.
Project support: Sarah Lightfoot and James Lew.