Energy Consumers Australia is the national voice for residential and small business energy consumers. In addition to their rich quantitative research on Australian energy consumer sentiment, Energy Consumers Australia also conducts candid interviews to bring a consumer perspective to energy market decision makers in government and industry.

Phil’s role in the Mt Isa Community Listening project was to find the most compelling case study and produce a mini-documentary highlighting the impact of high energy prices. In the lead up to the tour, Australian electricity prices had soared to decade highs, which were impacting small businesses’ ability to thrive and serve their community. This mini-documentary focused on local businessman Paul, who was receiving electricity bills in excess of $6,000 per month for his meat wholesale and icemaking business.

The mini-documentary was produced and then published across YouTube and Facebook, receiving more than 14,000 views and hundreds of likes, comments and shares. The video was showcased by Energy Consumers Australia in presentations and events across Australia to illustrate the impact of high energy bills for Australian small businesses. In May 2019, this video was also screened in my presentation to over 50 UK Government and industry leaders at the KPMG Vulnerable Customers Workshop in London.


Collaborators: Chris Alexander, Energy Consumers Australia