Energy Consumers Australia is the national voice for residential and small business energy consumers. In addition to their rich quantitative research on Australian energy consumer sentiment and behaviour, Energy Consumers Australia also conducts candid interviews to bring a consumer perspective to energy market decision makers in government and industry.


Households in Australia have the highest per-capita uptake of rooftop solar panels in the world. A unique issue that has arisen in South Australia is too much solar in the middle of the day, therefore capping how much power households can feed back into the Australian power grid. Phil’s role in the South Australia Community Listening project was to engage with householders and produce a series of mini-documentaries that ask householders how they might share management of their system with a central energy operator.


The videos also cover their motivations for setting up their system and reasons for participating in the new world of home energy technology.


The five piece mini-documentary series was produced and then published across YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook, receiving more than 7,000 views.


The videos also touched on new retail offerings including Virtual Power Plants and energy deals that include battery storage.



Dan Silkstone, Energy Consumers Australia
Jacqueline Crawshaw, Energy Consumers Australia
Ciara Lyons, Energy Consumers Australia

Special mention to our case studies:
Georgina and Kim from Milang
Terry from Upper Hermitage
Wayne from West Beach
Nat from Eden Hills
David from Flagstaff Hill