Neil deGrasse Tyson is known as one of the world’s best science communicators, most recognised from the recent popular television series Cosmos. In 2015, UNSW Science secured an exclusive interview with him in Sydney with the objective of increasing brand awareness among academics, students and the science news community.

Phil’s role was to project manage, co-shoot, and edit the interview. Then the task was to publish to the digital channels of UNSW Science to maximise reach and engagement. In addition to the full interview, four additional shorter clips were created to achieve maximum impact across social media.

The videos have been viewed almost 200,000 times across YouTube and Facebook, and the traffic numbers continue to rise due to the timeless nature of the content.

Collaborators: Video co-filming, Sam Cotton and Ben Carter.
Project support: Sarah Terkes, Xanthe Chapman, Marisa Cardoso.