We had the privilege of partnering with the Department of Human Services SA (DHS SA) to create a campaign to drive recruitment of the next wave of social workers. Recognising the need for a compelling and effective recruitment strategy, they sought innovative solutions to attract talented and passionate individuals to join their team. Collaborating with Mark Stevens from 3 Bongos, a creative communications agency, we crafted a set of videos that showcased the impact of social workers and the positive difference they make in the community.


The recruitment videos achieved high engagement across DHS SA’s website, YouTube, and LinkedIn channels, by effectively communicating the meaningful and rewarding nature of a career in social work. We helped DHS SA attract a new generation of dedicated professionals eager to make a difference. This project underscored the power of visual storytelling in recruitment, and demonstrated our ability to deliver impactful solutions that align with our clients’ objectives.

For more information on applying to be social worker with DHS, head to this web page.