The energy technology industry has made bold predictions about how the future might look, but what do consumers think? New energy technology such as solar, batteries and electric vehicles in addition to the work-from-home movement are shifting consumer behaviour, and these macro factors are integral to better energy forecasting and network planning. The Emerging Technologies Research Lab at Monash University are one such body conducting leading research in this space.


Phil’s role was to create a video highlighting this work in collaboration with Energy Consumers Australia’s Director, Communications and Stakeholder Engagement. The video features interviews with key researchers about the preliminary findings of their work and how it might be valuable for improving energy forecasting in the future.

The video was produced and then published across YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook, receiving more than 22,000 views across all platforms and a warm reception from collaborators and stakeholders.


Dan Silkstone, Energy Consumers Australia

Special mention to the researchers from the Emerging Technologies Research Lab:
Prof. Sarah Pink
Dr. Kari Dahlgren