In a bid to combat the alarming rise of cyclist related road accidents in South Australia, South Australia Police commissioned a documentary called Fatal 5: The Story of Byron Gordon. Byron Gordon was riding his pushbike with a friend along Seaview Road Henley Beach, when he was struck by a drug driver who had crossed onto the incorrect side of the road. Byron died at the crash scene.


South Australia Police engaged documentary producers Phil Bourne and Andy Martin to tell Byron Gordon’s tragic story with the support of Byron’s family who initiated the project. Phil and Andy collaborated with South Australia Police to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the content by filming and conducting all documentary interviews including police officers, eye witnesses and Gordon’s family and friends. Phil and Andy then reviewed and catalogued all the footage to edit and produce the 19 minute documentary.


The impact of Fatal 5: The Story of Byron Gordon was significant, resonating with a broad audience through its distribution as a video podcast and on YouTube. Garnering over 100,000 combined video views, the reach of the documentary extended far beyond expectations, making a significant contribution to raising awareness about road safety.  The success of the documentary was not solely limited to its viewership, it sparked a ripple effect within the South Australian community and public feedback highlighted a heightened sense of responsibility and commitment towards safer driving practices.


Andy Martin, Martin One Consulting
Susan O’Connor, South Australia Police
Nicholas Lomman, South Australia Police
Elke Brintrup Krueger, South Australia Police

Documentary participants:

Ian Parrott, South Australia Police
Geoffrey Doe, Byron’s friend
Stephanie Gordon, Byron’s Daughter
Sean Patton, South Australia Police
Mandy, incident witness

Special thanks to the Gordon family for their willingness to share their story.