Flagship events like Energy Consumers Australia’s Foresighting Forum 2024 serve as pivotal platforms for shaping the trajectory of the energy market. Bringing together esteemed energy experts and stakeholders, these gatherings delve into crucial discussions on how to better serve Australian consumers within the evolving energy landscape.


When Energy Consumers Australia sought to document Foresighting Forum 2024, they engaged Phil to film the all the presentations and panel sessions alongside his colleague Sam Cotton. In addition to capturing the most important parts of the event, an “Insights and and Reflections” video was created where participants shared their learnings of the conference and their reflections on what the future energy system could look like. The partnership with Energy Consumers Australia stems from Phil and Sam’s reputation for delivering high-quality video content that resonates with stakeholder audiences.


By making the video recordings available post-event, it facilitated broader access to the invaluable conversations that took place at Foresighting Forum 2024. Participants and non-participants alike were able to gain insights into the challenges and opportunities facing the energy market, as well as the imperative to evolve in alignment with consumer needs.

All video content created for the event is available on Energy Consumers Australia’s website.


Sam Cotton, Freelance Video Producer
Rebekah Thielemans, Energy Consumers Australia
Liz Stephens, Energy Consumers Australia