In the dynamic landscape of economics, strategy, and policy consulting, clarity of vision and effective communication are paramount. When Mandala, a leading firm in this arena, sought to articulate its priorities for the year 2024, they faced the challenge of encapsulating complex strategies into a concise and compelling format that would resonate with their audience and stakeholders.


Recognising the need for a partner who could translate Mandala’s vision into a captivating visual experience, they engaged Phil Bourne to lead the project. With a reputation for innovative video production and a track record of delivering high-impact content, Phil Bourne collaborated with experienced video producer Sam Cotton, and embarked on a journey to create a ‘ Mandala – The Year Ahead 2024’ video that would not only inform but also engage audiences across various platforms.

The video that Phil and Sam filmed and produced captured the essence of Mandala’s strategic initiatives with precision and flair. Through seamless storytelling and captivating visuals, the video garnered high engagement on LinkedIn and Mandala’s company website, effectively communicating their priorities for the year ahead to a wide audience. This successful collaboration between Mandala and Phil Bourne Digital not only achieved its immediate objectives but also laid the foundation for future endeavors, demonstrating the power of effective partnership in delivering impactful communication strategies.


Sam Cotton, Freelance Video Producer
Hayley Winchcombe, Mandala

Video participants:
Hayley Winchcombe, Mandala
Chiquita Shaw, Mandala
Joshua Sinn, Mandala
Rachel Nunn, Mandala
Edward Smyth, Mandala