Radio stations are bursting with content. The Nova radio network has five stations broadcasting 24/7 that reaches over 3 million listeners across Australia. The flagship breakfast programs have a deep and personal connection with their listeners. These shows also have access to an endless stream of high profile musicians, actors and public figures.

The challenge for the Nova Digital team was to repurpose amazing but transient radio content into compelling digital content. The objective was to deepen the connection with the existing radio listeners whilst attracting a new digital audience who are in search of music and entertainment content. Phil’s role was to work with radio producers and talent in Sydney and Adelaide to identify video content opportunities, then produce and publish the videos to the NovaFM website and social media channels. The videos produced included interviews, musical performances, comedy sketches and publicity stunts. 

Phil’s contribution to the Nova digital team was measured by a 40% increase in NSW website traffic. In addition to an increase in traffic, Phil produced and published over 300 videos for the Nova YouTube channels that have attracted tens of millions of views. Phil has worked on video projects with Nova across the United States, Australia, Germany and the Netherlands.

Phil’s experience at NovaFM included collaboration with flagship radio shows including Fitzy & Wippa and Merrick, Dools and Ricki-Lee.