Our energy network is going through a massive transformation as we look to decarbonise our grid through the rollout of renewables. Part of this enormous change is a continual dialogue between energy market innovators, regulators and policy makers to ensure the future energy system we are building reflects the needs and expectations of everyday people. To deepen and expand this conversation, Energy Consumers Australia initiated Watts Next? – a podcast aimed at energy insiders and ‘energy curious’ consumers to help shed new light on the regulatory and technological change going on in the sector.

To kick-start the series, Phil was engaged to be the executive producer and host for the first season of Watts Next? to turn the concept into reality. 10 expert guests were engaged to speak with thought leaders from Energy Consumers Australia’s senior leadership and policy team. Phil researched topics and briefed participants to create 10 podcasts covering the energy transition, including renewable generation, innovation, consumer protection, transmission planning, new energy technology, and electric vehicles. Phil also recorded the voice overs for the intro and outro of the podcast, as well as recording and sourcing content for the Grants Update segment that featured innovative projects funded by Energy Consumers Australia’s Grants Program.

The impact of Watts Next? reverberated far and wide within the energy sector and beyond. The 10 thought-provoking podcast episodes garnered an engaged listenership, exceeding 1,000 listens across the various podcast platforms. Watts Next? was featured by Apple Podcasts upon release through its New and Noteworthy charts, demonstrating how a sense of curiosity and engagement can propel conversations surrounding renewable energy and consumer-owned assets into the spotlight.

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Production and Editing, Lawson Media
Liz Stephens, Energy Consumers Australia
Rebekah Thielemans, Energy Consumers Australia
Alexandra Bishop, Energy Consumers Australia

Paul Jordan, Energy Systems Catapult
Matt Finch, Saïd Business School at Oxford University
Paul De Martini, Newport Consulting
Ciara Sterling, CEO of Thriving Communities Partnership
Lynne Gallagher, Energy Consumers Australia’s outgoing CEO
Tony Wood, the Grattan Institute
Alan Pears, RMIT University
Davina Rooney, Green Building Council of Australia
Catherine Wolthuizen, Energy and Water Ombudsman for Victoria
Ross De Rango, Electric Vehicle Council.

Interviewers from Energy Consumers Australia:
Jacqueline Crawshaw
Brian Spak
Kerry Connors
Ashley Bradshaw
Carol Valente