Sony Australia recently ran a photography competition for all Sony RX cameras. I’ve taken thousands of pictures with the original Sony RX-100 m1 so here are my submissions.

Ice Blue. ❄️ ?? – Crazy glacier in Patagonia.

Endless Green. ? ⛰ – Hiking in Ecuador.

Yosemite Silver. ? ? – An uncropped and unfiltered picture of Yosemite’s Half Dome.

New friend. ? ? – This guy took a moment to suss me out but wasn’t intimidated in the slightest.

The return journey. ?? – The weather changes in an instant at Torres del Paine.

Seal Camouflage. ? ? – Perfect conditions for sailing the Beagle Channel.

History of the Incas. ? ?? – I think you know what this is..

Llama Party. ? ?? – It’s amazing what characters you’ll find in the Bolivian wilderness.

Magic Land. ?? – A moment from a far away place.

Digital stuff:
Sony RX 100mi

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